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NIDO is a growing company and is continuously looking for both fresh and experienced talent. As long as the individual is highly motivated, trained / educated professional, possesses an entrepreneurial bent and is a team player, we believe they can be a part of our family.

Nido Company Culture:

  • Young, Dynamic, Enthusiastic, Passionate, Talented, Enterprising
  • Non – hierarchical, trust based, open communication
  • Honest & Genuine – with customers, vendors and colleagues alike
  • Supportive & Personal growth based

Professional Growth at Nido:

  • Nido being a young, dynamic and growing company, opportunities to create something new or implement things in your unique way are available on a daily basis.
  • Everyone is given the opportunity to work in various business streams, giving you great exposure and experience for professional growth.
  • Non-hierarchical culture ensures that sharp and enterprising minds are always rewarded.
  • Professional reviews and goal setting activities help monitor your growth.

All new recruits need to possess:

  • Passion for their work
  • A thinking & enterprising mind
  • Decision making skills
  • Clear and logical communication skills
  • Maturity & ability to take on responsibility
  • Ability to learn quickly on the job

NIDO Mission Statement:

” To become the premier integrated automation solutions provider in our respective business categories by offering a breadth of quality products at affordable prices, minimal delivery time and honest after sales support to our customers, big and small.”


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