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We at Nido are committed to customer delight. Our dedicated team of well trained field engineers and highly customer focussed coordination team always strive for a quickest possible resolution to all customer concerns.

Following the modes of communicating with Nido Service Team:

  1. Phone : +91-8291229969
  2. Email : service@nidoworld.com
  3. Raise a ticket on our website: (Link)

Perfect communication is the first step to quickest resolution. Regardless of your preferred mode of communication it is highly advisable to keep the following information handy before contacting us for a quick resolution:

  1. Your name, email address, phone number, company name & site address
  2. Type, model number and serial number of the Nido machine about which you want to share your concern/lock complaint. [This information can be found on the machine name plate. You can click a pic and send to us]
  3. Relevant photographs/videos of the machine malfunction (if applicable).

Service process:

  • You can choose to lock your complaint/concern by any three of the modes described above. However as stated earlier, providing the information described earlier will quicken up our response.
  • After locking your complaint/concern, you will be sent a complaint ID on your email address for your reference so that you are able to check the progress on your ticket any time with ease.
  • In case your machine is not under warranty/AMC [You can view the warranty and AMC T&C at the bottom of this section], you would be sent a quotation for the visiting charges of our engineer. Once the PO/advance payment for the same is released, the resolution would be initiated. In order to avoid the extra downtime created due to the time elapsed in processing the engineer visit quotation, PO and payments, you are advised to sign an AMC for your equipment with Nido.
  • In case of breakdown complaints, In order to reduce the down time of your machine you would be contacted by phone by our relevant machine expert to attempt a telephonic resolution. However if it does not work your site would be visited by our engineer for resolution.
  • After every visit, a visit report would be signed between you and our engineer. A copy of the same would be shared with you.
  • In case your machine is not under warranty [You can view the warranty and AMC T&C at the bottom of this section], and some component is found to be failed, the replacement of the same would be done after we get a PO/Advance payment against a quotation which we will send subsequent to our engineer’s visit.
  • Warranty T&C : Warranty T&C
  • AMC T&C: AMC T&C

Escalation Matrix:

Level 1Mr. Mukund8108415885Service@nidoworld.com
Level 2Mr. Sirish8422997399Service.1@nidoworld.com
Level 3Mr. Malay9152029055smalay@nidoworld.com

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