Model: ViperHoist

The ViperHoist – High Flexibility

The TAWI Viperhoist is the new most flexible addition to the TAWI hoist line. It is one of the world’s fastest hoist for efficient & safe lifting. The ViperHoist offers good ergonomics, easy, safe & flexible handling for all types of applications

  • ViperHoist60
    • Capacity: 60 kg
    • Lifting Speed: 0.75 m/s
  • ViperHoist120
    • Capaciaty: 120 kg
    • Lifting Speed: 0.35 m/s
  • Light weight control housing allow for swift movement
  • Reduced operator injury with capacities up to 120 kg

  • A quick coupling tool enables use of any tool on the same hoist
  • Higher flexibility & great ergonomic design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Quick & smooth operation
  • High quality & easy handling



  • The ViperHoist is easy to install & require very little maintenance.
  • It is a reliable equipment that offers great flexibility & easy handling. High-quality, great flexibility & low cost cycle cost makes it easy to choose the ViperHoist.
  • The ViperHoist is designed to offer high flexibility to the customer.
  • Any desired tool can be combined with the Viper.
  • A quick coupling tool enables higher flexibility & use of any tool on the same hoist, such as a hook, special hook, vacuum tools, clamp tools or any customized tool according to the customer’s requirements.
  • The swiveling tool enables rotations of the load. Use the same hoist to lift any type of goods.
  • The handle can be separated from the hoist enabling flexibility of the positioning of the handle.
  • Add an angle adapter to lift from various angles, from above, the side, turn & tilt.
  • Variable speed joystick with a special vacuum tool (A).

Variable Speed Control

Choose at any point how fast or slow you need to move. Ideal for applications that require high speed at some points & slow, precise movements at other points. The Viper is one of the world’s fastest hoist with a lifting speed of 0.75 m/s for max 60 kg & 0.35 for 120 kg.

Control Options

Ergonomically designed handles are available in different designs made to provide comfort, ease & smooth movement while operating. Available options are one-handed pistol grip (Standard), Joystick Control Dual & Adjustable joystick control. All to suit your specific needs & requirements.



Model VH60VH120
Lifting Capacitykg60120
Power SupplyV230 ±10%230 ±10%
Lifting Heightmm20002000
Lifting Speedm/s0.750.35
Dead Weightkg2222
Speed ControlVariableVariable


Options Available

Customized Tooling

The Viper was designed with the customer in mind, with the customizable tooling options operators are able to handle a variety of application. Combined with a fast coupling, several tools can quickly be changed & used on the same hoist.

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