Model: VacuEasyLift

The Versatile & Flexible Vacuum Lifter

The VacuEasyLift is the original vacuum lifter that lifts, lower, rotate & tilt loads using vacuum. Makes lifting easy & safe in all possible working conditions for both operator & the product, in manufacturing & mechanical processing, warehouses & distribution terminals. With VacuEasyLift you can lift boxes, sacks, drums, sheets & more.

  • Capacity: up to 270 kg

  • Handles almost all types of loads
  • Versatile & ergonomic system for simpler, safer & more effective lifting
  • System is simple to adjust to suit loads



  • VacuEasyLift is a manual vacuum lifter, which handles almost all types of loads. There are 10 models for lifting sacks & boxes, sheets, panels, crates, bales, drums & much more up to 270 kg.
  • The extremely smooth & quick operation is accomplished by using the same handle to lift, lower & release the load & by using the vacuum to hold & tilt the load.
  • Based on a unique concept, VacuEasyList has over the years been developed into a versatile & ergonomic system for simpler, safer & more effective lifting.
  • You easily get the return on your investment; a two-man job can often be carried out by one operator with VacuEasyLift. This lifting system is simple to adjust to suit loads & requirements of most industries.
  • With VacuEasyLift, you achieve the combination of efficiency, ergonomics & economy that can not be matched by any other lifting system.

Installation Options

Suspend VacuEasyLift on the Lyftman column Jib Cranes & Crane Systems in aluminum & steel. The lift arm or bridge crane suspends the lift tube and is available in different lengths & capacities.

Various Handles

Smart Lifting by VacuEasyLift



Model VM80VM100/120/140VM160/180VM200/230VM250VM2160/2180VM300
Lifting Capacitykg2030/40/5030/40/5060/8060/80100/120100/120180120/160120/160270
Lift Tube⌀ mm80100/120/14010/120/140160/180160/180200/230200/2302502*1602*180300
Length Min.mm740870157089015909901790119083015301190
Lifting Heightmm15001800260018002600170024001500180026001500
Max. Lifting Tube Heightmm20002500400025004000250040002500250040002500
Length Max.mm2240267041702690419026904190269083015301190


Options Available

Lifting Boxes

Lifting Pallets

Lifting Sacks

Lifting Reel

Lifting Drum

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