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Truck Loading Conveyors ND-C-LUS Series

Model: ND-C-LUS Series

These are used for loading & unloading of material from trucks, maintenance works, dies loading & other various applications. These are customizable as per customers specification.

  • Capacity:

  • Adopt 600 mm width, 5 mm thickness, high grip green PVC belt
  • Conveyor height adjustable from 700 mm to 2500 mm
  • Belt speed variable from 10 to 20 min m/min
  • Frame construction manufactured from 3 mm thickness steel plate, painted surface treatment
  • Easy to movable around on 150mm heavy duty swivel lockable casters
  • Can also be fixed to certain place by tighten the two threaded knobs between the two caster
  • Automatically stop by limit switch when lifting up and down
  • Independent electric cabinet includes OFF/ON,Emergency Stop, Forward/Reverse,Up/Down,Stop,Speed Knobs.
  • CPG motors,DELTA inverter,SCHNEIDER electrical elements
  • Power supply options 220V single phase 50Hz or 380V three phase 50Hz, 110v also available
  • The small flat belt section can be put down to be a slope.
  • Easily to connect to other flexible conveyors,belt conveyors and roller conveyors




Automatic Truck Loading & Unloading Conveyor

This automatic loading & unloading conveyor is extremely flexible & easily move into position on braked swivel castors. Reply on high-quality & long life span.

Container Loading Conveyor

This loading conveyor is used for 20 & 40 ft container loading. Loading capacity will be 80 kg per ft. In this three standard parts are included.

1.  Expandable conveyor inside container & truck
2. Slope belt conveyor (No need of this part, if the loading or unloading platform at same level as truck
3. Expandable conveyor connect after belt conveyor, this part is optional

Dockless Loading Conveyor

This dockless conveyor is used for loading & unloading goods vertically, especially in warehouse, harbor, airport etc. The working height is adjustable from 700-2500 mm either automatically or manually. The conveyor can be moved flexibly with four heady duty universal castors.

Economic Truck Loading Conveyor

Portable Truck Loading Unloading Conveyor

This conveyor is designed for express companies for loading & unloading small trucks / vans / vehicles. It is extremely flexible, easy to set up & use.

Fold-able Truck Loading Unloading Belt Conveyor

This conveyor is a senior type of model TLC. It owns all the functions of TLC & also can be folded for dispatch & storage.This conveyor is perfect for crowded warehouse to stuffing & loading trucks.


ModelFront Tongue (mm)Belt Width (mm)Lift Height (mm)Variable Speed (m/min)Max.Load (kg/m)Belt Motor (kw)Lift Motor (kw)
ND-C-LUS-P600-2mL2000 *W600*H700/1000 flexible powered roller conveyor600700-250010-20501.52.2
ND-C-LUS-P600-4.2mL4200 *W600*H700/1000 flexible powered roller conveyor600700-250010-20501.52.2
ND-C-LUS-P600-6mL6000 *W450*H700/1000 flexible powered roller conveyor600700-250010-20501.52.2
ND-C-LUS-G600-6.9mL6900 *W600*H700/1000 flexible gravity wheel conveyor600700-250010-20501.52.2
ND-C-LUS-P600-9mL9000 *W450*H700/1000 gravity wheel600700-250010-20501.52.2


Options Available

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