Model: TAWIGrip

The TAWIGrip – Flexible Pneumatic Vacuum Lifter

The TAWIGrip provides flexible material handling solutions that reduces energey consumption, achieve faster response time & improve reliability for loads up to 500 kg. With this vacuum gripper you can surely increase productivity & lower your operating cosst.

  • Max. Capacity: 500 kg
  • Electric or pneumatic source options provided

  • Reduced energy comsumption
  • Faster response time & improved reliability
  • Compact design, low-weight & user-friendly
  • Hoist control on the handlebar
  • Safe, two-handed release function
  • Control board
  • Visual control of vacuum level



  • With its compact design, low weight, it is easy to adjust to new applications & situations. It is simply outstanding & very user-friendly.
  • Some practical options offered are the electric or pneumatic source, electric tilt function which provides smooth & exact motion with a stop in any position.
  • Additional to this is hoist control on the handlebar for improved operational control, all comes in a neat, well thought out ergonomic design.
  • TAWIGrip is very easy to integrate into the daily work with well-known, safe, two-handed release function. Visual control of the vacuum level, user-friendly control board, twin chamber vacuum system & lightweight ergonomic design are other advantages.
  • TAWIGrip is ideal for many different types of industries & for applications all through the production line handling material such as wood, glass & sheet metal.


TAWI pneumatic vacuum lifter is reliable, safe & can handle double loads due to its design, a twin vacuum chamber system.

Multifunctional Control Boxes

Multiple Design

  • TAWIGrip vacuum lifter is very flexible & can be used to lift, tilt & rotate different types of sheet & panels such as sheet metal, glass & laminated panels. You can choose between a vacuum source & an electric vacuum source, both contributing to improved efficiency.
  • Position vacuum power precisely with horizontal lifting up to 500 kg or more on request.
  • Achieve high productivity by using maximum energy with exceptional pick-up & speed system when lifting (tilting) vertically with loads up to 250 kg.



SWL HorizontalSWL 90° TiltQty of CupsSize of Cup
85 kg88 kg4110
129 kg132 kg6
172 kg176 kg8
215 kg220 kg10
170 kg120 kg4150
255 kg180 kg6
340 kg240 kg8
425 kg250 kg10
376 kg188 kg4200
500 kg200 kg6200


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