Cross Belt Sorter

Dimension Range150*150*5 mm ~ 1,000*700*500mm (L*W*H)
Weight Range100g~50kg
Running SpeedMax. 2.0m/s
Sorting Efficiency>12,000PPH
System Availability>99.5%
Average Noise<70dB(A)
Missorting Rate≤0.01%
Package Damaging Rate≤0.01%
Barcode Reading Rate≥99% (Barcode over Level B)

Using linear motor to drive the carriers to travel along the circular track, the carrier belt driven by independent power is perpendicular to the carrier running direction. The parcel with a barcode is inducted into the carrier via the induct station. The code is scanned to find the corresponding address in the system. When the parcel is transported to the identified chute, the carrier belt turns to sort the parcel .

The Sorting is very efficient and do no damage to all sorts of goods, suitable for the large and medium-sized sorting area of e-commercial, clothing, express delivery industry and so on.

Swing Arm Sorter

  • Sorting capacity: Max.3600 pieces/hour;
  • Transport speed: Max.1.5 meters/second
  • The minimum sorting parcel size: W 200mm,L 200mm,H 50mm,W 0.5kg;
  • The maximum sorting parcel size: W 800mm,L 1000mm,H 400mm,W 30kg.

Swing arm sorter has a series of swing arms located at the side of the conveyor, the parcel with a bar code scanned by the automatic bar code scanner or handheld scanning gun to find the specified sorting line in the system. When the parcel is transported to the sorting line, the swing arm waves fast to push out the parcel so as to realize the purpose of automatic sorting. Low cost, simple operation, easy to expand, applicable to relative regular package of small sorting place.



Lifting Transfer

Product Length990mm1,000mm~2,500mm
Product Breadth540/690/840mm1,000mm~2,500mm
LoadabilityMax.50 kg/box2,000 kg
Speed0.6~1.6m/s12/18/24 m/min
Lifting Distance12mm80mm
Sorting Capability30 boxes/min(600x400mm,30Kg standard box)180 pallet/h



Steerable Wheel Sorter

ContentSTW V1STW V2
DimensionsL: 150mm(one group with two rows)L: 200mm(one group with two rows)
W: 540/690/840mmW: 1,000mm
Turning Angle36°/60°(only one direction)90°(both left & right)
Conveyor Speed1.6m/s2m/s
Good Dimensions150*150*20~1,000*800*800mm(L*W*H)150*150*20~1,000*700*600mm (L*W*H)
Sorting Capability3,600PPH
(600*400 standard box))
(600*400 standard box)
Average Noise<70dB<70dB

The steerable wheel divert sorter could be used to sort out the items from the main line along 30 or 45 degrees angle to the branch line, one-way sorting to the left or right and has a very high sorting efficiency.


The right angle transfer

  • The biggest sorting capacity: Max.2000 pieces/hour
  • Transport speed: Max.90m/min;
  • The minimum sorting parcel size: :W 160mm,L 230mm;H30mm,W 1kg;
  • The maximum sorting parcel size: length and width depends on the rail solution, H800mm,W50kg.

The right angle transfer provides perpendicular transfers, by controlling the transport and transfer to send the goods out of the conveying line, realizing two-way perpendicular sorting, beneficial to save space.



Sliding Shoe Sorter

  • Transport speed: max 120m/min;
  • Processing capacity: max 8000 pieces/hour.

The sliding shoe sorter mainly includes sorting switch and switch actuator. Switch actuator is based on the sorting task requirements, smoothly, quickly and accurately perform the traveling path change of the divert shoes, leading objects into the corresponding sorting switch, smoothly completing the sorting of the objects.



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