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Self Propelled Scissor Lift ND-SL-SP Series

Model: ND-SL-SP-5.8 || ND-SL-SP-6N || ND-SL-SP-8N || ND-SL-SP-8 || ND-SL-SP-10 || ND-SL-SP-12

Nido self propelled scissor lift, is a scissor type mechanic structure with high stability. It is can be used for the maintenance of maximum height area by  person.

  • Rated load: 230 – 320 kg kg
  • Max working height: 7.8 m – 13.80 m
  • Platform height : 5.8 – 11.80 m
  • Extension length: 0.90 m
  • Max load on extension: 113 kg
  • Push and Pull battery operated
  • Vertical Movement battery operated

  • Proportional Control
  • Inter-lock door on the platform
  • Extension platform
  • Automatic Brake System
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Automatic brake system
  • Traceless tyre
  • Buzzer
  • Fault diagnosis system
  • Automatic pothole protection
  • Less manpower required for operation


  • Battery-driven, low noise, no pollution, suitable for a variety of operating environment
  • Automatic piling protection system, more secure and reliable
  • One-way extension platform, you can quickly reach the operating point
  • Fault code automatically displays for easy maintenance

Standard Configuration:

  • Proportional control
  • Platform self-locking door
  • One-way extension platform
  • Automatic braking system
  • Seamless tires
  • 4 × 2 drive
  • buzzer
  • Emergency stop button
  • Fault diagnosis system
  • Automatic potholes protection


S.W.L. On Extensionkg113113113113113113
Max Workers Number222222
Max. Working Heightm7.
Max. Platform Heightm5.
Overall Lengthm1.812.432.432.432.432.43
Overall Widthm0.760.810.811.151.151.15
Overall Height
(Rails Up)
Overall Height
(Rails Down)
Platform Size (L*W)m1.67*0.742.27*0.812.27*0.812.27*1.122.27*1.122.27*1.12
Platform Extension Sizem0.900.900.900.900.900.90
Ground Clearance (Stowed)m0.
Ground Clearance (Raised)m0.0190.0190.0190.0190.0190.019
Turning Radius (Inside)m000000
Turning Radius (Outside)percent1.642.
Lift/Drive Motorkw24V/3.3kw24V/3.3kw24V/3.3kw24V/3.3kw24V/3.3kw24V/3.3kw
Travel Speed (Stowed)km/h3.
Travel Speed (Raised)km/h111111
Raise/Lower Timesec18/2235/2540/3040/3060/4070/45
Power Sourcev/Ah4*6/2104*6/2254*6/2254*6/2254*6/2254*6/225
Max. Working SlopeDegree1.5/32/31.5/32/32/31.5/3
Tyre Sizeø305*100380*129380*129380*129380*129380*129


Options Available

  • Airway tube to the platform
  • Platform working light
  • Hydraulic Motor Drive
  • Extension platform
  • AC line to platform
  • Buzzer + Alarm
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