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City Sweeping Machines

Model : ND-ICE-TRS-S2000 | ND-ICE-TRS-E1000 

  • Sweeping width: 2000 to 3500 mm
  • Sweeping speed: 4 to 10 km/h (average)

  • Debris Hopper
  • Sweeping equipment
  • Water tank and spraying system
  • Hydraulic dumping system
  • Control panel



Nido road sweeper ND-ICE-RS-S2000 is a professional sweeping truck for the municipal sanitation, large industrial parks, widely expanded exhibition venues, residential areas, walking streets, tourist attraction places, vehicle parking lots, & other large public areas.

  • Nido road sweeping truck can continuously work for 6 to 8 hours per day.
  • This type of road sweeping vehicles with modern appearance can display bright image of any city.
  • This machine is equipped with hydraulic dumping system. Garbage can be dropped automatically.


This high performance Road Sweeper will be easy to operate and simple to maintain, with low DB level of operation. The sweeper will come fitted with a suitable intermediate gearbox to facilitate sweeping at 4 to 6 Kmph.


  • Debris Hopper
  • Auxiliary engine
  • Exhauster fan
  • Sweeping equipment
  • Dust Control System
  • Water tank and spraying system
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems
  • Control panel


Technical Specification s2000ND-ICE-TRS-E1000 150 by 150
Dimension(L/W/H)mm4200/2350/2150Type:Road and Curb suction sweeper
Wheelbasemm1900Sweeping width:3500 mm
Treadmm1400Sweeping speed:04-06 Kmph (average)
Sweeping pathsmm2000-2350Container volume:6.5 cubic
Main brush’s lengthmm700Container discharge:By tipping angle 45 - 55 degrees
Side brush’s diametermm700Suction hose:150 mm diameter and of adequate length of 5Mtrs
Vacuum air flowM3/HQ=1730Dust suppression:Water spraying system in the front and around brush enclosures and suction nozzles
Driving motorw5500Auxiliary engine:In line, 6 –cylinder, water- cooled, Turbo charged & enter-cool diesel engine
Vacuum powerw750 *2Cleaning of footpaths & Gully Pits:Suction hose
Working timeH6-8h
Cubage of water tankL300
Trash capacityL1000
Cleaning efficiencym2/h>20000
Max running speedkm/h>25
Sweeping speedkm/h10
Max climbing capacity%25
Power supply 48v 400Ah Lithium battery group
Net weightKG2030
Working power (motor)W3000w
Turning RadiusMM4500mm


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