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Reel Grabber Tilter – ND-REEL-GT Series


Nido Reel Grabber Tilter drum grabber used for lift & tilt drums. Adjustable clamp arm is available.

  • Load Capacity: upto 800 kg
  • Lifting Height: 2400 mm
  • Charger: 24V/30A
  • Battery Voltage Capacity: 24V/210Ah

  • Power drive, transport, lift and tilt drums
  • Manned pedal, can be operated by one people
  • Labor saving, high efficiency
  • With step less speed regulator, high power reversing switch
  • Power walking driving wheel



  • Manual hand walking, hand hydraulic lifting, manual clamping & manual rotating.
  • High-level international channel steel frame, more strong & safer.
  • Use of high-quality hydraulic cylinder with imported seals ensures no leakage.
  • Rubber on clamps to prevent roll/reel from clamp marks.
  • Widely used in paper, packaging, printing & textile industries.


  • With unique clamp design, it can clamp the rolls from the pallets or cars.
  • After manual rotation roll into a vertical direction.
  • The inner width of the bottom legs is larger than the diameter of the rolls.
  • Comes with a manual pump & pressure gauge, can show the clamping pressure.
  • Ultra-quiet belting leather brakes, do not move when stopped, good to protect the safety of the operator.
  • With lifting hydraulic manual hydraulic & foot control.


  • Use formed C steel mast, high bending strength.
  • Wearing-resistant nylon wheel with brake ensures no sliding after stop of the machine.
  • Wide-view mast equipped with security fence, protect the operator’s hands won’t get squeezed.
  • Widely used in paper, fabrication, packaging, printing & textile industries etc.
  • Strong, small size & low noise lifting motor.
  • Quality chain bearing.


  • A unique design of the clamp arm forearm movement, the big arm not wrapped around paper gradually tightening.
  • 360° rotation
  • Wear-resistant nylon wheel with brake ensures no sliding after the machine stops.
  • Wide-view mast equipped with security fence protects the operator
  • Widely used in paper, fabrication, packaging, printing & textile industry etc.
  • Strong, small size & low noise lifting motor.
  • Good quality chain bearing.


  • Adopts computer program control, continuously variable transmission.
  • The Wide-view mast made up of high-quality refined 12C type steel with the refined forged fork.
  • Bottomless legged type, suitable for single, double-sided tray.
  • Simple body structure, flexible operation, good performance on micro-movement.
  • Used in warehouse or workshop in machinery, electronics, chemical, pharma, textile industries
  • Cooperated with palletizing operations.


Lift Max. Heightmm16001600300030002500
Minimum Clamp Heightmm520520520
Clamp Widthmm1135-14501135-14501135-14501135-14501535-1850
Clamp Lengthmm12201220122012201620
Paper Roll Diametermm⌀600-1000⌀600-1000⌀600-1000⌀600-1000⌀800-1500
Load Centermm700700700700800
Overall Size (L*W*H)mm1900*1450*17801900*1450*17801900*1500*17801900*1500*17803300*1900*1785
Channel Requestmm2000 Turn2000 Turn2100 Turn2100 Turn4000 Turn
Forward & Back Requestmm15001500160016001900
Rear Wheelsmm2*⌀180*502*⌀180*502*⌀80*702*⌀80*70
Front Wheelsmm2⌀80*702⌀80*702*⌀150*502*⌀150*502*⌀178*80
Lifting MotorKwN.A.N.A.


Options Available