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Drum Fork Attachment – Parrot Beak ND-D-FA-PB Series

Model : ND-D-FA-PB-1 || ND-D-FA-PB-1B || ND-D-FA-PB-2 || ND-D-FA-PB-2B || ND-D-FA-PB-4 || ND-D-FA-PB-4-1

Nido parrot beak drum fork attachment is used to grab,lift,move and stack the drums from one place to other.

  • Capacity: 360*1 for single drum & 360*2 for double drums
  • Capacity: 500*4 for four drums
  • To be used for movement of single, double & four drums
  • To be used only with the forklift
  • Can be used for plastic & metal drums

  • Grab, lift, move and stack drums without operator leaving driver’s seat
  • Completely mechanical & automatic drum grab
  • Unique eagle grip structure
  • No hydraulic or electical connections required
  • Detachable package can easily save room


 ND-D-FA-PB-1 || ND-D-FA-PB-1B

Nido single drum parrot beak attachment with 360 kgs capacity, offers users with simple, economic and reliable drum handling equipment.

  • Purely Mechanical structure design, conventional to work with a forklift.
  • Move one drum at one time by the forklift’s movement without any other force.
  • Handle more types of drums, including steel oil drums and PE oil drums.
  • Enable loading and unloading drum inside the limited space such as a container. Massively improve on space utilization.
  • Auto-lock is equipped for connecting forks to make sure the drums won’t slip off when they are on gradient or bumpy road.

 ND-D-FA-PB-2 || ND-D-FA-PB-2B

Nido double drum parrot beak attachment with 360*2 kgs capacity offers users with simple, economic and reliable drum handling equipment.

  • Heavy duty double Eagle-Grip automatic clamping mechanism for handling steel and plastic drums in high volume application.
  • Clamping mechanisms are completely mechanical, requiring no hydraulic or electrical connections.
  • Positive action jaws ensure safe transporting of drums without damage to drum chimes.
  • The quick adjustable head allows pickup of various drum heights. Standard heavy duty rubber belt bases support the lower side of the drum eliminating dents or cosmetic marring.

 ND-D-FA-PB-4 || ND-D-FA-PB-4-1

Nido 4 drum parrot beak attachment with 500*4 kgs capacity, offers users with simple, economic and reliable drum handling equipment.

  • All mechanical automatic clamping mechanism handles from one to four drums at a time without any hydraulic or electrical connections to the lift truck.
  • Ideal for transporting and palletizing drums.
  • Use of a special parrot beak structure with automatic adjusting core frame which is speedy and safe.
  • Simply position the center guide over the four drums, lower and lift.
  • It is designed for carrying 4 drums at one time which is fit for operation inside containers.
  • Applicable for use in harbors, large-scale raw material warehouses and other places where drum transporting need to be done in large amount.
  • Suitable for 3-ton forklift capacity.


Eagle Grip Adjustable Heightmm525-750465-690525-750465-690N.A.N.A.
Single Fork Sleeve Sizemm150*55150*55150*55175*65175*65
Outer Width of Double Fork Sleevemm660660750750880880
Fork Sleeve Lengthmm600600755755960960
External Dimension (L*W*H)mm780*670*850780*670*850910*910*850910*910*850980*960*500980*960*500
Net WeightKg41456375174174


Options Available

  • With cushion protection rubber-belt which effectively protects drums & absorbs vibration during driving.
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