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Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine – Power Pre-Stretch

Model : ND – SH – Neleo 50

Designed to wrap mouldings, aluminium profiles, tubs, blinds, shelves, kit furniture…etc.

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  • Steel frame, painted in grey and base in green colour
  • Ring assembled in the frame, painted in yellow colour.
  • Double reel dispenser head; allows to wrap with two reels of stretchfilm for a reinforced wrapping and faster packaging or to wrap with one reel for a simple wrapping; ready to use reels of different width.
  • Fast changing reels without tools and with self-fixing system.
  • Adjustable stretchfilm tension to fit it to the product.
  • Adjustable rotation ring speed to control the stretchfilm overlap onto the product.
  • Device that unable the machine to work while changing the reel for worker safety.
  • Safety footswitch to start/finish the wrapping cycle.
  • Ring driver system through trapezoidal belt of low maintenance and wear.
  • Control panel and electrical box: Master switch, power light, warning light, reset button, speed controller & emergency stop.
  • Packaging in wooden pallet for transport.
  • Machine certificate meeting CE safety standards (2006/42/CE, 2004/42/CE & 93/68/CEE).


  • The orbital wrapping machines by Plasticband, wrap and protect your products of dirt, dust and humidity during the transport and storage.
  • Flexibility: Allow to wrap products of several lengths, diameters and shapes without any adjustment.
  • Output: High working speed and labour saving.



Technical specifications: ND – SH – Neleo 50
Product to wrap sizes: 
• Maximum / minimum length: no limit / 250mm or 150 mm with short products bridge.
• Width and height: Check with graphic.
Electrical equipment: 
• Power: 230V I.
• Engine: 0,36 Kw
• Manoeuvre: 24V c.c.
• Power consumption: 0,26 Kw
• Ring rotation speed: 5 to 150 rpm.
• Speed inverter: Omron.
• PLC: Omron.
• Pneumatic pressure: 6 bars (for configuration with cutting system).
• Compressed air consumption: 3 liters/cycle (for configuration with cutting system).
Stretchfilm or paper* reel specifications: 
• Width: 100 mm.
• Thickness: 17, 20, 23 or 30 microns.
• External / Internal Ø: 200 / 38 mm.
• Colour: Transparent / opaque.
 (*)Only for configuration without cutting system.
Installed machine sizes: Check attached drawing.
Packed machine sizes: 1,20 x 0,80 x 1,65 m - 150 Kg.
Packed film reels sizes: 1,00 x 1,20 x 1,97 m - 915 Kg.


Options Available

Accessories (optional)
  • Double automatic stretchfilm clamp and cutter system for two reels.
  • Infeed & outfeed gravity rollers table for product feeding (suggested).
  • Gravity rollers conveyors.
  • Side vertical rollers “V” shape.
  • Short products bridge.
  • Top presser with manual fitting.
  • Wheels with brake.
  • Manual bubblewrap floor dispenser for reel up to 600mm.
  • No standard machine colour.
  • Seafreight wooden crate.
  • Seafreight wooden box.
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