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Scissor Pallet Truck ND-SLP Series

Model: ND-SLP-1000-1150-540-85 || ND-SLP-1000-1150-685-85 || ND-SLP-1500-1150-540-85 || ND-SLP-1500-1150-685-85 || ND-SLPD-1000-1150-540-85 || ND-SLPD-1000-1150-685-85 

Nido Scissor pallet truck with 1000/1500 KGS capacity, offers users with simple, economic and reliable handling equipment.

  • Capacity: 1000/1500 KGS
  • Lifting Height: 800 MM
  • Fork Outer Distance: 550 & 685 MM
  • Minimum Fork Height: 85 MM
  • Fork Length: 1150
  • Single Stage & Double Stage Cylinder

  • Automatic descending speed control by uniquely hydraulic valve, the descending speed always keep same regardless the truck with or without load. It will prevent cargo damage from descending.
  • Adjustable stabilizers extended to the floor automatically when the forks reach a height of 420mm, to ensure maximum stability and optimum braking.
  • Safety: Patented safety system on the handle to prevent accidental touch of the release handle thus causing sudden sliding down of the fork, you can screw the release handle tight in slow or quick lifting position.



  • Equipped with quick lift function doubles the lift speed for loads lighter than 200 kg.
  • With pressure relief valve and overload valve to prevent pump damages when loads exceeds weight limits.
  • The enclosed fork tips and reinforced fork frames ensures long service life.



Model ND-SLP-1000-1150-540-85ND-SLP-1000-1150-685-85ND-SLP-1500-1150-540-85ND-SLP-1500-1150-685-85ND-SLPD-1000-1150-540-85ND-SLPD-1000-1150-685-85
Fork Widthmm540685540685540685
Fork Lengthmm115011501150115011501150
Min. Fork Heightmm858585858585
Max. Fork Heightmm800800800800800800
Load RollerNylonNylonNylonNylonNylonNylon
Steering WheelNylonNylonNylonNylonNylonNylon
Weightkg110 - 125110 - 125110 - 125110 - 125110 - 125110 - 125


Options Available

  • Available in electric & SS scissor pallet truck

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