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Nido Ride On Sweeper – Battery

Model : ND-ICE-RS-C200 | ND-ICE-RS-E800W | ND-ICE-RS-E800FB 

Nido ride on battery sweeper is an industrial clasic sweeper, when conducting cleaning and sweeping.

  • Function: Cleaning & Sweeping
  • Sweeping Width: >1300
  • Cleaning Effficiency: >7000 m2h
  • Main Brush Length: 700 mm
  • Working Time: 4-6 hrs
  • Dustbin Capacity: 130 ltrs
  • Working Speed: 6 km/h
  • Driving Speed: 8 km/h
  • Net Weight: 460 kg

  • Double brush, compact and flexible, good trafficability
  • Automatic adjustment of lifting brush, mechanised operation, low failure rate
  • Utilization of throwing-off principle
  • Waste hopper capacity utilization is up to 100%
  • Use of advanced high-performance maintenance-free batteries, no leakages, no harmful gases
  • Large dust filter screen can completely clean up the dust
  • Electric vibrator can automatically clean the filter screen
  • Strong chassis offres strong bearing capacity
  • Durable tires are equipped with brake apparatuses


ND – ICE – SR – C200

Suitable for mining areas, enterprises, large warehouses, squares and other smooth ground. The brushes can be controlled up and down manually, more durable for operating. LED headlight is designed for working at night. Enlarged filter that can clean up the dust perfectly and also the filter can be cleaned by electric vibrator automatically.

– Dual-brush, sweeping width of 1250mm. Small and flexible
– Use of advanced high-performance maintenance-free batteries, no leakage, do not produce harmful gases
– Adapt of 48V battery, and with the high capacity battery
– Continuous working time is 4-6 hours, speed 0-5 km / h
– Mechanized operations, enhance the corporate image
– Pre-lighting for night operations
– Large dust filter that can completely clean up the dust, electric shock devices thoroughly clean filters
– Have the weight bearing steel chassis, durable tire, with brake
– Warning lights flashing, driving safety, all mechanical components easy to take down.

ND – ICE – SR – E 800 W

It has the multi-functions of vacuum, sweep and water spray. High power, strong climbing capacity and the anti-slip function make it one of the unique sweeping beasts. Suitable for outdoor usages like parks, sanitation, cleaning companies, property managements, squares and so on.

– Increase the chassis design, flat filter, built-in powerful dust control systems, more powerful vacuum cleaner, sweeping width of up to 1850mm.
– The use of advanced high-performance maintenance-free batteries, no leaking, can’t produce harmful gases.
– As the international advanced technology of thrown & clean, the dust box can achieve to 100% utilization.
– Reliable high-quality components reduce maintenance and repair costs.
– Solid tire, airport-specific, and durable.
– High-quality electronic control system, over current, under voltage protection, more secure.

 ND – ICE – SR – E800FB

Adopts comfortable closed cab to avoid the bad influence like serve weather and loud noise

– It adopts 48V battery packs used as the driving power, better for long working time.
– Steel chassis, a forming die, less weld, having low internal stress, bearing strong.
– Using completely closed cab to avoid the weather and noise interference.
– Double door, removable in summer
– It takes the humanized design concept for the user to provide a safe and comfortable operating environment.
– Adopt the initial domestic three rounds of advanced filtering system, the filter area is bigger and with the stronger vacuum.
– Core electrical motor of the sweeping machine system: main brush motor.
– Adopt R&D rare earth motor(advantage: long service life, stable performance, high precision of speed, high quality output characteristic, stable running).


Item NameUnitND-ICE-SR-C200ND-ICE-SR-E800W
Sweeping pathmm> 13001850
> 1 900
Cleaning efficiency (approx)m²/h7 0001000012000
Max climbing capacity%2025
Main brush lengthmm700800
Power supplyV4848(8pcs of 6v)48
Working timeh4 - 666 -7
Waste hopper capacityL130150180
Water tank capacityL130100
Side brush diametermm500500500
Driving powerW120018001800
Operation powerW600+400+80*2+50600+400+80*4+50800+700+80*4+50
T urn ing rad i usmm1000(spot turn)0(spot turn)1200(spot turn)
Dimension (L/W/H)m1.6*1.3*1.42*1.8*1.42.1*1.9*2.04
Working speedKm/h677
Driving speedKm/h89.89.8
Filter aream2558
Net weightKg460700900


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