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Nido Ride On City Sweeper – Diesel


Nido ride-on city sweeper works by picking up gravel, rind, scrap of paper, cigarette end, kernel, plastic bag, stone, brick, grains of sand, dust, and etc. It works by picking up gravel, rind, scrap of paper, cigarette end, kernel, plastic bag, stone, brick, grains of sand, dust, and etc..

  • Engine model: Kubota D1105 disesle engine
  • Rated engine power: 18.1kw/2800rpm
  • Wheelbase: 1200mm
  • Kerb mass: 1400kg
  • Max total mass: 1800kg
  • Garbage bin volume: 240L
  • Water tank volume: 150L
  • Sweeping speed: 1-10km/h
  • Suction capacity Granularity: 45mm@density2.7g/cm3
  • Max sweeping width: 1.8m
  • Max speed: 16km/h
  • Minimum turning radius: 2200mm
  • Dimension: 3250*1130*2130mm

  • 240L standard dustbin can be changed at any time, convenient to dump, clean and maintain.
  • The special hinge turning structure can make both of front and rear body frame twist and turn movement, making the turning radius much smaller and sweep the twisty and narrow place conveniently. The two excellent advanced elastic damping components could make the road sweeper work on the rugged road and climb the curbstone.
  • The road sweeper is fitted with hand-held suction hose, so it can work in the greenbelt and the sewage place.
  • Be fitted with 150 L water tank and electrical mini diaphragm pump, there are water nozzles on the brushed. The operator can could open the water pump to reduce the dust during the working, and the water volume could be adjustable.
  • The road sweeper is driven by the two way stepless variable pump and motor through the hydraulic stepless speed transmission. The steering system adopts the mini full hydraulic steering gear, so easily and flexibly for operation.



Nido Ride On City Sweeper ND-ICE-RS-YHD21 is one compact integral structure road sweeper with special chassis. The road sweeper ’s technology is leading in same products and with nice appearance & flexible operation. The total operation power is output by one KUBOTA diesel engine, moreover, the whole operations are controlled by hydraulic transmission. The two sweeping brushes are fitted at the both front sides of cab and the suction mouth is fitted at the middle of the bottom of cab. The suction system adopts air circulation and reverse blow structure. Some airflow is filter out through the bag filter, so it won’t rise the secondary dust pollution, improving the efficiency of suction. Meantime the filter system can make the road sweeper adopt water less dry-type cleaning way.


Engine modelKubota D1105 disesle engine
Rated engine power18.1kw/2800rpm
Kerb mass1400kg
Max total mass1800kg
Garbage bin volume240L
Water tank volume150L
Sweeping speed1-10km/h
Suction capacityGranularity 45mm@density2.7g/cm3
Max sweeping width1.8m
Max speed16km/h
Minimum turning radius2200mm


  • 240L standard garbage bin can stock garbage, and unique roll-on/roll-off disposal concept, unbeaten flexibility of adaptation to customer’s logistic requirements.
  • Hydraulic wheelie bin lifting mechanism allowing operators to switch between wheelie bins, which can then be collected by a refuse vehicle.
  • Hinge turning structure can make the turning radius much smaller and sweep the twisty and narrow place.
  • Suction system structure adopts circulation blow back combine with filter. High dust filtration rate of 98% makes it suitable for use in public areas. it can sweep with or without water.
  • The drive mode adopts hydrostatic infinitely variable speed transmission system, turning operation adopts complete hydraulic redirector, the operation of sweep is easy and flexible.
  • The sweeper is equipped with air condition and heating machine, the operator can enjoy the comfortable work environment in summer and winter.
  • There are panoramic glasses in cab, the field of vision is very open. The sweeper also equipped with color LED monitor which is convenient to check the status when sweep and reverse.
  • The sweeper is equipped with 150 L plastic water tank and mini size electric water pump which can spray and dedust.
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