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Multi Mast Mobile AWP ND-AWP-M (III) Series

Model: ND-AWP-M-10 (III) || ND-AWP-M-12 (III) || ND-AWP-M-14 (III) || ND-AWP-M-10 (IV) || ND-AWP-M-12 (IV) || ND-AWP-M-14 (IV) || ND-AWP-M-16 (IVII) || ND-AWP-M-18 (IVII) || ND-AWP-M-20 (IVII)

NIDO multi mast aluminium aerial work platform are suitable for one or two persons, aerial working at the same time carrying with more tools and materials. It is made up of high grid aluminium profile in groups of mast supporrting the platform synchronous lifting and equipped with universal wheels. Easily pushed around to the designated sites, compact main body, safe and reliable.

  • Rated load: 150, 200, 250 & 300 kg
  • Max Platform Height: 10 – 20 mtrs
  • Platform size: 1.43*0.88 mtrs
  • Power Voltage: 220V AC

  • Aluminum mast structure, lifting smooth, moving light
  • Up and down the platform can control the lift, with emergency stop button
  • Leakage protection, thermal protection, emergency travel protection
  • Power failure self-locking, emergency drop, cylinder crack prevention device


Standard Configuration:

  • Auxiliary Lowering Device
  • Big Level Guage
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Anti-burst System
  • Limit Switches
  • Short Circuit & Leakage Protection System

For different working purpose & working condition, it can be changed to;

  • With Pulling Device a Type: Equipped with an electric pulling device with moving and turning function.
  • Towing Type: Equipped in chassis heightening design with inflammable wheels for convenient moving.
  • Truck-mounted Type: Installed in the bed cover of pickup or trucks for long distance aerial working.
  • Insulated Type: Work Platform is made of insulating material for places required insulated condition.
  • Flameproof Type: Three key parts made for explosion proof purposes: electric box, socket, and plug for special places which require explosion proof circumstances.


Lift Capacitykg300300250300300300150150150
Platform Occupancy Maxm222222111
Working Heigth Maxm12.0014.0016.0012.0014.0016.0018.0020.0022.00
Platform Height Maxm10.0012.0014.0010.0012.0014.0016.0018.0020.00
Stowed Lengthm1.821.821.921.821.821.922.282.282.50
Stowed Widthm1.
Stowed Heightm2.052.322.322.052.322.322.182.422.62
Platforn Sizem1.43*0.881.43*0.881.63*0.881.43*0.881.43*0.881.53*0.881.45*1.11.45*1.11.55*1.1
Outrigger Footprintm2.4*2.32.4*2.32.5*2.42.4*2.32.4*2.32.4*2.33.2*3.03.2*3.03.5*3.2
Ground Clearancem0.
Lifting Motor (AC)kw2.
Weight (AC)kg100010501100110011501200145016501850
Optional Power SourceV/Ah24/12024/12024/12024/12024/12024/12024/12024/12024/120
Optional Lifting Motor (DC)kw2.
Optional ChargerV/A24/1524/1524/1524/1524/1524/1524/1524/1524/15


Options Available

  • Push Around / Pulling Device
  • AC/DC/Both – AC or DC
  • Outrigger Sensors
  • Platform Extension
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