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Nido Manual Walk Behind Sweeper

Model : ND-ICE-MS-550 | ND-ICE-MS-920S

Nido manual sweeper is a new sweeping machine for easy cleaning. The dust is swept and collected into dirt hopper with the aid of the main broom and two front side brushes. The compact machine body is constructed of durable, corrosion-free impact resistant engineering plastic for high quality.

It offers outstanding sweeping performance by utilizing roller brush to pull in fine dust and can be used in warehouses, plants, township roads, pavements, parking lots, fuel stations, cement mills etc.

  • Function: Sweeping
  • Container Capacity: 25 – 40 ltrs
  • Net Weight: 7 – 23.8 kg

  • Main broom with two front side brushes
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Eco-friendly
  • Large Container
  • Strong Brushed
  • Easy to Handle and Use


ND – ICE – MS 550

– Maximize sweeping speed to over 3000 msqr/hr
– 10 times faster than a traditional broom
– No batteries required
– Easy to operate
– Pick up debris from wet & dry ground
– Strong nylon front brushes

Suitable for wet and dry use including sawdust, metal filings, leaves, stones, cigarette butts, papers, cans, cups, broken glass, large debris, sand and dirt. Works on all surfaces including workshops, driveways, walkways, store fronts, patios, garages, pool side.

ND – ICE – MS 920S

– Ideal replacement for manual sweeping
– Maximize sweeping speed to over 3680 square meter per hour-
– 10 times faster than a manual broom!
– Unique Quadra Brush System for greater cleaning efficiency
– Light weight design for simple maneuverability, yet durable
– Large, non-making rear wheels and front castor for enhanced mobility
– Collapsible handle for storage in small areas
– Compact design goes through any standard door
– Can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications

Ideal for dust and small debris like sawdust, iron scraps, crumbs, sand, paper scraps etc. Main spare parts include roller brush, castor, belt and front brushes.


Model ND-ICE-MS-550ND-ICE-MS-920S
Working Width with two side brushesmm550920
Container Capacityltrs2540
Max. Theoretical Area Performancem2/hr22003680
Net Weightkg723.8
Dimensionmm620 X 590 X 4501300 X 790 X 1035


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