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Dual Mast Mobile AWP ND-AWP-M (II) Series

Model: ND-AWP-M-6 (II) || ND-AWP-M-8(II) || ND-AWP-M-9 (II) || ND-AWP-M-10 (II) || ND-AWP-M-12 (II) || ND-AWP-M-14 (II)

NIDO double mast mobile aerial work platoform used for two person maintenance purpose with the maximum platform height of 6,8,9,10, 12 & 14 mtrs.

  • Rated load: 150 & 200 kg
  • Max Platform Height: 6,8,9 10,12 & 14
  • Platform size: 1.30*0.62mtr & 1.52*0.62 mtrs
  • Power Voltage: 220V AC

  • Aluminum mast structure, lifting smooth, moving light
  • Up and down the platform can control the lift, with emergency stop button
  • Leakage protection, thermal protection, emergency travel protection
  • Power failure self-locking, emergency drop, cylinder crack prevention device


Standard Configuration:

  • Auxiliary Lowering Device
  • Big Level Guage
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Anti-burst System
  • Limit Switches
  • Short Circuit & Leakage Protection System

For different working purpose & working condition, it can be changed to;

  • With Pulling Device a Type: Equipped with an electric pulling device with moving and turning function.
  • Towing Type: Equipped in chassis heightening design with inflammable wheels for convenient moving.
  • Truck-mounted Type: Installed in the bed cover of pickup or trucks for long distance aerial working.
  • Insulated Type: Work Platform is made of insulating material for places required insulated condition.
  • Flameproof Type: Three key parts made for explosion proof purposes: electric box, socket, and plug for special places which require explosion proof circumstances.



Model ND-AWP-M-6 (II)ND-AWP-M-8 (II)ND-AWP-M-9 (II)ND-AWP-M-10 (II)ND-AWP-M-12 (II)ND-AWP-M-14 (II)
Lift Capacitykg200200200200200150
Platform Occupancy Maxm111111
Working Heigth Maxm8.0010.0011.0012.0014.0016.00
Platform Height Maxm6.008.009.0010.0012.0014.00
Stowed Lengthm1.541.541.541.761.761.9
Stowed Widthm1.
Stowed Heightm2.
Platforn Sizem1.30*0.621.30*0.621.30*0.621.52*0.621.52*0.621.52*0.62
Outrigger Footprintm1.77*1.821.77*1.821.77*1.822.1*2.002.1*2.002.36*2.33
Ground Clearancem0.
Lifting Motor (AC)kw1.
Weight (AC)kg600660730780830900
Optional Power SourceV/Ah24/10024/10024/10024/10024/10024/100
Optional Lifting Motor (DC)kw0.800.800.800.800.800.80
Optional ChargerV/A24/1524/1524/1524/1524/1524/15


Options Available

Optional Configuration

  • DC24V or DC48V or Manual Power
  • Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Explosion-Proof System
  • Motorized Device
  • Isolation Platform
  • Push Around / Pulling Device
  • Outrigger Sensors
  • Platform Extension
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