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Nido Battery Walk Behind Sweeper

Model : ND-ICE-MS-P100A

Nido battery walk behind sweeper is particularly suitable for the places such as halls, airport lounges and departure waiting rooms, hospitals, factories, residential roads and so on.  It is a new sweeping machine for easy cleaning.

  • Function: Sweeping
  • Sweeping Width: >1000
  • Working Time: >4 hrs
  • Dustbin Capacity: >22 ltrs
  • Net Weight: 65 kg

  • The larger capacity of 40Ah battery for continued long time working.
  • Adopt new type material for tire, better for the life of tire.
  • The simple operative system , easy for workers to use.
  • The main brush and side brush can be adjusted.this is designed for long use of brush.
  • High- power of electrical machine for dust absorption designed for reducing dust flying.
  • Adopt advanced filter used for precise equipment as filtration.


Nido Battery Walk Behind Sweeper is powered by batteries, has the functions of both sweeping and vacuuming. It is suitable for cleaning the factories, yards, hospitals, warehouses and corridors. There is neither flying dust nor noise while working. Easy to push and simple to maintain.


Model ND-ICE-MS-P100A
Sweeping Widthmm>1000
Cleaning Efficiencym2/hr>4000
Main Bruhsh Lengthmm400
Side Brush Diametermm400
Power SupplyV12
Working Timehr>4
Dustbin Capacityltrs>22
Working Power (motor) main brush + Fan + Side Brushw120+30+35*2
Filtering Aream21.5
Net Weightkg65
Water Tank Capacityltrs12 (Optional)


Options Available

  • Water Spray System
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