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Economy Battery Stacker ND-ES-E Series

Model : ND-ES-1216E || ND-ES-1225E-D || ND-ES-1233E-D || ND-ES-1236E-D || ND-ES-1516E-D || ND-ES-1525E-D || ND-ES-1533E-D || ND-ES-1536E-D

Nido  economy power stacker is an ergonocally designed for material picking, movement & stacking. Ergonomically designed and built handle is increasing your comfort during operation. The light weight and maneuverability makes it convenient to use. Ideal choice for replacing manual stacker or semi electric stacker.

  • Capacity: 1200 & 1500 kgs
  • Lifting Height Available: Up to 4 mtrs
  • Full Electric & Walkie Type
  • Compact Structure
  • Battery: 75Ah/100Ah
  • PG Controller
  • PU Wheels
  • Fork Length: 1150 mm

  • Smart body with attractive appearance. High strength frame designed for touch pallet handling tasks.
  • Lower consumption, lower service cost, while higher performance.
  • 75 Ah, or 100Ah maintenance-free battery contributes to strong power and easier operation, meeting most requirements for light and medium duty application.
  • Compact structure and reasonable layouts provide steadiness and durability during operation.
  • Intelligent and modular designs enhance easier operation, convenient disassembly and quick service
  • self-diagnostics provides direct fault code readout during operation and start up, which is ease of service and maintenance. No need of external handset analyzer and more.
  • Strong H profile mast, stronger mast make lifting safe and fluent with more capacity.
  • External charger practically eliminates contamination entry.
  • One piece cover and optimum component layouts make easy access and quick service. More uptime and lower costs.
  • Sleep model function and low battery voltage alarm function, the energy saving is apparent. It adds up to longer battery life, and more productivity as well as lower costs.


  • Dust-proof and sealing structure prevent it from dust pollution damages and improve service life.
  • Intelligent and modular controlling system ensures the steadiness and safety for walking, lifting, lowering and braking.
  • Upper-mounted handle designed for easier operation and less steering efforts.
  • Smart body, compact structure, and reasonable layouts greatly increase the steadiness and durability.
  • Special wide view mast made of H shape profiles, offering not only high precision but also smooth lifting and easier maneuverability.
  • The limit switch automatically reduces maximum travel speed immediately when extension higher than 0.7 meters.



Model ND-ES-1216E-DND-ES-1225E-DND-ES-1233E-DND-ES-1235E-DND-ES-1516E-DND-ES-1525E-DND-ES-1533E-DND-ES-1536E-D
Fork Over StackerFork Over StackerFork Over StackerFork Over Stacker
Type of driveFull ElectricFull ElectricFull ElectricFull ElectricFull ElectricFull ElectricFull ElectricFull Electric
Operator typeWalkieWalkieWalkieWalkieWalkieWalkieWalkieWalkie
Load centermm600600600600500500500500
Wheel basemm12551255125512551208120812081208
Size of front wheelsmm¢78¢78¢78¢78Φ80x60Φ80x60Φ80x60Φ80x60
Size of drive wheelsmm¢220¢220¢220¢220Φ230x70Φ230x70Φ230x70Φ230x70
Size of balance wheelsmm¢124¢124¢124¢124Φ115x55Φ115x55Φ115x55Φ115x55
Wheels quantity
Mast lower heightmm20151735213521852150178521852435
Mast extend heightmm20652000380039502150300538054105
Lifting heightmm16002500330035003300330033003600
Mast profilemmC+H model
(rib reinforcement)
C+H model
(rib reinforcement)
C+H model
(rib reinforcement)
C+H model
(rib reinforcement)
H ModelH ModelH ModelH Model
Overall lengthmm17701770177017701965196519651965
Fork widthmm160160160160160160160160
Overall widthmm820820820820800800800800
Fork lengthmm11501150115011501150115011501150
Outer width of the forkmm520540650680560560560560
Lowered height of forkmm9090909085858585
Min.Turning radiusmm14601460146014601600160016001600
Aisle width (800*1200mm pallet): horizontal/verticalmm22202220222022202160216021602160
Aisle width (1000*1200mm pallet): horizontal/verticalmm22962296229622962210221022102210
Service weight without batterykg470520570580620620620620
Service weight with batterykg520570620630904904904904
Travel speed, Laden/Unladenkm/h3.5/43.5/43.5/43.5/45/5.55/5.55/5.55/5.5
Lift speed, Laden/Unladenmm/s95/13495/13495/13495/134100/120100/120100/120100/120
lower speed, Laden/Unladenmm/s130/94130/94130/94130/94120/110120/110120/110120/110
Gradeability, Laden/Unladen%2/62/62/62/65/105/105/105/10
Drive motorKw0.650.650.650.651.20 DC/AC1.20 DC/AC1.20 DC/AC1.20 DC/AC
Lift motorKw2.
Battery voltage/capacity(20h)V/Ah(12V/75Ah)*2(12V/75Ah)*2(12V/75Ah)*2(12V/75Ah)*2(24V/100Ah)*2(24V/100Ah)*2(24V/100Ah)*2(24V/100Ah)*2
Brake typeElectromagneticElectromagneticElectromagneticElectromagneticElectromagneticElectromagneticElectromagneticElectromagnetic
Control system1212P-2501(CURTIS)1212P-2501(CURTIS)1212P-2501(CURTIS)1212P-2501(CURTIS)PGPGPGPG


Options Available

  • Straddle Type
  • Customized Sizes
  • Customized Batteries
  • Full Free Lift