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4 Way Hand Pallet Truck ND-4WAY X Series

Model: ND-2000 / 1200-1150-540-85X

Nido 4 Way Hand Pallet Truck with 2000/1200 kgs capacity, offers users with simple, economic and reliable handling equipment.

  • Normal Transportation
    • Capacity – 2000 kgs (85 mm – 175 mm)
  • Transverse Transportation
    • Capacity – 1200 kgs (185 mm – 205 mm)
  • Fork Height (Min/Max) – 85 / 205 mm
  • Fork Length – 1150 mm
  • Width Overall Forks – 540 / 680 mm
  • Wheel: 200*50 + 750*70 mm

  • Unique 4 directional hand pallet truck
  • Special 4 directional movement capability provides the flexibility to maneuver wide loads through standard aisles.
  • The additional set of wheels allows pallet truck to be moved sideways in addition to the convenient forward and backward directions.
  • A top class range of pallet trucks with excellent designs. Professional and ideal storage aid for all variety of manual transport tasks over short distances in stores and warehouse as well as factory plants.
  • Reliable,  sturdy,  torsion-resistant  due  to  it’s  extremely  strong  high quality steel profile





4way hand pallet truckdiagram

Model No ND-2500-1200-1150-540-85X
Fork Height(Max/Min)mm85/205
Fork Lengthmm1150
Width Overall Forks Bmm540/680
Fork WheelmmØ75*70
Steering Wheel AmmØ200*50
Remarks Normal Transportationmm85mm-175mm,2000Kg
Remarks Transverse Transportationmm185mm-205mm, 1200Kg


Options Available

options 4 Way HPT

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