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Navigation Solutions


Navigation Solutions

By taking your vehicle with its current manual controls, we combine our technologies and expertise to add a full compliment of sensors and electronics to allow your vehicle to safely operate without a human in the loop.

The end result is your AGV working with humans in Logistics and Warehouse applications, hospitals and healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing and a whole host of others where your products were previously used.


Navigation Solutions

The emphasis of our Nucleus offering is firmly based on the operational environments of our customers. The hardware, software, processors and supporting services which make up the Nucleus offering are designed to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of operating environments, some of which require a combination of technologies in order to overcome complex challenges in mixed environments.

Nucleus comprises of three primary solutions and two complementary technologies for autonomous vehicles;

The following diagrams illustrate examples of the products and technologies that relate to each navigation environment. For example, on the Beacon diagram you will see our laser scanner product GNS 900, located towards the top of a typical AGV which forms part of the overall Beacon solution.

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