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Multisweep Sweeper Collector Attachment

ModelMultiSweep 425

The Model 425 is ideally suited for outdoor sweeping in applications such as transport, joinery, recycling and plant hire. The 425C is extremely effective at sweeping fine dust, nails, broken brick and pallet.

  • Sweeping Width: 6ft 6 inch
  • Debris Container Capacity: 15 cubic feet
  • Water Tank Capacity: 200 ltrs

–  Collects as it sweeps.
–  Quick and easy method of attachment.
–  Robust, compact design.
–  Permanently on site ready for instant use.
–  Suitable for collecting fine sand, dust, mud, brick or general debris.
–  Hydraulic Operation or Power Pack Option
–  Option of Tractor A Frame as well as Fork mounted – Multi purpose machine.
–  Gravity or Power Water System
–  Option of Side kerb brush: left / right or both.




The MultiSweep is an attachment that converts your carrier vehicle into a road sweeper. It is a sweeper collector, that can be attached to any forklift, telehandler or tractor. It attaches using the forks on a loader/forklift or by using the 3 point linkage on a tractor.

The MultiSweep is a hydraulically powered attachment sweeper collector that can be attached to any forklift, telehandler, loader or tractor. Brilliant build quality, sweeping performance and reliability; Ideal for heavy duty cleaning operations in construction sites, city roads, parking lots, airports, commercial areas and residential blocks. The front wheel diameter is 400 mm, which is made of a steel casing and rubber rim. This gives excellent maneuverability and strength.

The side kerb brush is made up of polypropylene and flat steel blades which are extremely effective at removing weeds, moss or other lodged debris from a kerbed or walled area. The swept material will be collected and stored in the large capacity debris container which opens manually or hydraulically from within the cab. The MultiSweep is available with a gravity/power water spray system to minimize dust while sweeping. Majority of MultiSweep machines are supplied as hydraulically powered sweepers; this reduces the need to use petrol or diesel to operate the machine.


MultiSweep can be attached/mounted to any forklift, telehandler or tractor. It attaches using the forks on a loader/forklift or by using the 3 point linkage on a tractor. The unit comes complete with engine, pump and hydraulic reservoir. This allows the MultiSweep to be used by any material handler with forks/tractor.


  • Utilise your existing equipment and attach a MultiSweep.
  • Ideal for forklifts, loaders and tractors.
  • Quick and easy to attach and always there when needed.
  • Suitable for collecting fine sand, dust, mud, brick or general debris.
  • Extremely well engineered….built to last.
  • Sweeps and collects in one pass.
  • Has a fully floating broom and fork lock system which allows the sweeper to contour over rough terrain with great ease.



Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)1600 x 1300 x 700 mm1700 x 2100 x 900 mm2000 x 2100 x 1000 mm2100 x 2600 x 1100mm
Sweeping width1190 mm2000 mm2000mm25000m
Sweeping width with 1 side brush1440 mm2260 mm2260 mm2750mm
Polypropylene main broom sections25505060
Main brush length1219mm2012mm2012mm2438mm
Main brush diameter558.8 mm558.8 mm558.8 mm558.8 mm
RPM of the brush180180180180
Side brush diameter635mm635mm635mm635mm
Polypropylene & wire side brushOptionalOptionalOptionalNA
Spacers require for main broom25505060
Average wear time*8‐12 months*8‐12 months*8‐12 months*8‐12 months
Power pack
Machine Height with Power Pack1370 mm1290 mm1600 mm1600 mm
Gasoline fuel tank capacity7 L7 L7 L7 L
Diesel fuel tank capacity5.5 L5.5 L5.5 L5.5 L
Gasoline engine10 kw10 kw10 kw10 kw
Diesel engine6.7 kw6.7 kw6.7 kw6.7 kw
Recommended engine oil15W4015W4015W4015W40
Weights with water system400 kg569 kg840 kg1100 kg
Weight with water system & side brush450 kg618 kg888 kg1145 kg
Weight with water system & power pack500 kg669 kg938 kg1995 kg
Weight with water, power pack & side brush549 kg718 kg988 kg1250 kg
Water system
Gravity flowStandardStandardStandardStandard
Electric power water PumpOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Pressure washerNANANANA
Standard water tank capacity79.5 L2 x 100 L2 x 120 L2 x 120 L
Optional increased water tank capacityNANA4 x 120 L4 x 120 L
Minimum flow rate for hydraulic power20.8 L/min20.8 L/min20.8 L/min20.8 L/min
Maximum flow rate for hydraulic power62.5 L/min62.5 L/min62.5 L/min62.5 L/min
Recommended continuous flow rate50 L/min50 L/min50 L/min50 L/min
Hydraulic pressure145 bar145 bar145 bar145 bar
Recommended hydraulic fluidAW46AW46AW46AW46
Fork pocket sizes
Internal (W x H)127 x 64 mm133 x 64 mm165 x 64 mm254 x 76 mm
Max fork size with optinional pocketsNA146 x 89 mm184 x 114mm267 x 114 mm
Height of fork pocket from ground559 mm610 mm686 mm711 mm
Adaptor plate for skid steer connectionNAOptionalOptionalNA
3 point linkage system for tractor connectionNAOptionalOptionalOptional
Debris hopper
Capacity270 L425 L725 L900 L
Manual openingwith P/Pwith P/Pwith P/Pwith P/P
Hydraulic openingStandardStandardStandardStandard
Remote openingOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Front wheel diameter 254 mm**406/ 254 mm**406/ 254 mm406 mm
Front wheel load capacity680 kg885 kg885 kg635 kg
Rear wheel diameter203 mm254 mm254 mm305 mm
Rear wheel load capacity500 kg885 kg885 kg521 kg
* wear is dependant on ground conditions, brush speed and usage per day
** smaller diameter wheels on front of 3 point linkage machine


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