Racking ND-RACK Series

Model : ND-RACK

Nido is specialized manufacture of high position shelves & station equipment. We provide heavy/medium duty pallet racks, light duty racking, goods positioning racking, dive in /drive through racking, cantilever racking, mezzanine racking, mobile racking, gravity flow racking, two/three tier shelving racking to the industries like third party logistics companies, consultants & project suppliers, record management system etc.

  • The components are manufactured from superior quality cold rolled/hot rolled sheets of steel conforming to IS 5986 or equivalent Indian standards.

  • Strength & rigidity prevents compression & damange to load unit
  • Offers damage free storage
  • Superior quality manufactured material




 Racking Components
Heavy Duty Pallet racking systems With Mounted Base Plate

Upright is of roll formed construction
12 bends offers better rigidity to the systems
Upright profile with slots at 75 mm pitch for level adjustability to cater further requirement. (Add-On module)
Upright are designed as per RMI standard and having a factor of safety of 1.5.

Base Plate: 3 mm thickness
Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Systems Hook Connector with Welded Beam

Hook Connector
4 Hooks of two sides for proper fitting.
Thickness 3 mm of better load distribution.
High Quality Powder coating thickness of 60 to 70 microns

High-Quality Powder coating thickness of 60 to 70 microns
Closed roll form section.
The beam is having a factor of safety of 1.5.
Deflection Of beam is less than span/200 mm.
Safety locks help prevent accidental dislodgement of the load beams
Pallet Storage Systems Safety Pin or Hook Connector

Special Design which ensures that the beam is not lifted accidentally
Heavy Duty Pallet Storage Systems Horizontal & Diagonal Bracing

Lipped C – G I Section with four bends.
Struts are bolted so, in the struts are damaged during use; you only have to replace one section and not the whole frame.
Size Horizontal – 40 x 24 x 915
Diagonal - 40 x 24 x 1128
Pallet Storage Systems Bolt Nut for Struts Fastening

High tensile galvanized fasteners
Pallet Storage System Bolt Anchor

Size – M 10 x 65, M 10 x 20, M 10
Row Spacer / Wall Ties

Wall ties & Row Spacers permit linking a row or racks to either the wall or a back to back row of racks. Maintain spacing while providing additional stability of the systems.
Foot Protector

Provided Extra Protection from MHE Equipment Abuse in the Lower Frame areas


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