Ladders ND-LAD Series

Model : ND-LAD

Nido ladders are manufactured from high tensile aluminum alloy and are ideal for domestic as well as industrial and electrical maintenance.

  • Side ‘C Channel: 2.5/8″*1.1/4″ steps round non-slip 1″ dia. corrugated
  • Side ‘C’ Channel: Step ‘C’ channel 2.5/8″*1.1/4″
  • Side ‘C’ Channel: 2.5/8″*1.1/4″ step 2.1 /2″ tubular
  • Side box channel steps box channel 3″*3″

  • Steps with non-slip ribbed surface, non-skid rubber shoes
  • Light in weight, easy to handle, elegant in look & highly economical in long run
  • A versatile, serviceable multipurpose ladder
  • Rigid, sturdy, & slim in look with exceptionally strong structure
  • Highly compact & space saver
  • Rust, fire & rot proof, can be exposed to all weather conditions without any fear of deterioration
  • Well braced & designed to withstand heavy usage & rough handling


NIDO Aluminium Single Step Ladder

Wall reclining aluminum ladder made from high tensile aluminum alloy. This ladder is used with the support of the wall.


  • A versatile ladder light in weight.
  • Tough, durable, sturdy and safer to climb.
  • Provided with non-skid RUBBER feet to prevent scratches on the floor or wall.
  • A single person can carry the ladder easily.
  • Aluminum construction, all parts replaceable.
  • Available from 6ft to 30ft.

NIDO Aluminium Folding Step Ladder

The ladder is ideal for regular use by handymen, homeowners, painters, electricians, carpenters and commercial users. It is also suitable for general purpose and maintenance work.


  • Size of top tread-14”x 8”
  • Fitted with non-skid RUBBER feet all round.
  • This single-sided stepladder is constructed with hi-strength heat tempered, extruded aluminum.
  • The ladder is built with FULL CHANNEL front and rear stiles and EXTRA WIDE serrated steps with stiles varies uniformly along the length.
  • Deeply serrated steps.
  • Heavy-Duty non-pinch aluminum outside spreader braces.
  • Available from 3ft to 20ft.

NIDO Aluminium Platform Step Ladder

A ladder possessing the desired feature with the working facility as well as rolling made from high tensile aluminum alloy, strong, sturdy & durable. Specially designed with small wheels for easy movement. It is extensively used in warehouses, factories, workshops, construction sites etc.


  • Light in weight, easy to move & sturdy
  • High strength, corrosion resistant construction & 16″ width by 2.5″ deep steps to ensure a safe climb.
  • The ladder is supplied with four swivel castors for easy turning & repositioning.
  • The ladder is provided with special guardrails at both the sides of extra safe mounting.
  • Extra riveting & bracing for an extra long service life.
  • Available from 6ft working height to 20ft working height.

NIDO Aluminium Self Supporting Extension Ladder

This ladder is useful for regular use by handymen, homeowners, painters, electricians, carpenters & commercial users. It is also suitable for general purpose and maintenance work.


  • This ladder is used where no wall support is available.
  • Indispensable ladder, light in weight.
  • Tough, durable, sturdy & safer to climb.
  • Provided with safety locks, Manila rope, safety limits, solid rubber shoes, pulley etc.
  • Extension by means of polypropylene/Manila rope through the pulley with self-lock bar & adjustable at any interim step.
  • Extends smoothly & the lock adjusts intermediately between the steps.
  • Available with platform & safety ring on request.
  • Available from 5ft closed*8ft extended (minimum) and from 24ft closed*43ft extended (maximum).




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