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Heavy Duty Walk Behind Scrubber Drier

Model : FR15E38 | FR30E45 | ROUND 45 E 55 TOUCH

High impact design and right ergonomic appeal redefines the scrubber dryer’s segment with it’s unique design and functionality. The new attractive shape in a slim size helps an easy access to hard to reach areas.

  • Brush diameter: 385 mm
  • Squeegee Width: 450 mm
  • Solution Tank: 15 ltrs
  • Recovery Tank: 17 ltrs
  • Max Theoritical performance: 1540 sq. mtrs/Hr
  • Rated Power: 620 watt

  • Easy and ergonomic to operate.
  • Compact and maneuverable.
  • Scrubbing and dry high performance in all directions.
  • Close to wall cleaning.
  • Leaves floor dry reduces slip/fall hazard.
  • High brush pressure, low noise level.


FR 15 E 38

Who uses this machine?

Freccia 15 is the perfect machine for areas where a light-medium duty cleaning is required.

  • Its compactness and high maneuverability guarantee an easy access to any small/congested  area, where a “normal” scrubber dryer usually can’t go.
  • The new adjustable brush deck and the external wheel allow Freccia 15 to adapt itself to any kind  of floor and surface (even the toughest ones)
  • The low noise level makes the machine ideal for sensitive areas as well.

That ’s why Freccia 15 is really suitable for many different places/areas of application:

  • Hospital
  • Office buildings
  • Schools & universities
  • Canteen & kitchens
  • Gas stations
  • Small shops
  • Car dealers
  • Repair shop

FR 30 E 45


FR 30 E 45 TOUCH

FR 30 represents something unique in the cleaning market. First of all the new design, which makes FR 30 a masterpiece of aesthetic and ergonomics. Then 30 liters of tank capacity, and above all a complete set of solutions making FR 30 suitable for any environment and surface:

  • 2 pivoting wheels closed to the main wheels axle, for the max manoeuvrability and control
  • Compact squeegee: large only 65 cm, and adjustable, for excellent drying results
  • A complete set of filters (+ the debrys tray); to protect the main components and give to FR 30 the max reliability

So FR 30 is a perfect mix of modern and functional aesthetics and high technology, to accomplish in the fastest and best way any cleaning task in small and medium areas. Now even more reliable and performing thanks to the new sensor TOUCH SYSTEM. FR 30 TOUCH can be moved and controlled only using a thumb: intuitive, user friendly and reliable. FR 30 E 45 is the electric version, with a standard 15 meters cable.

Touch System

Built-in solution tank filter

Adjustable Squeegee

Debris tray plus filter


The innovative and functional design makes the machine ergonomic and easy to use in the daily activities. The technical features and the high level innovations – 45 liters tank capacity, three hours running time, the control panel with display, the double brush pressure, the silent mode function and the new chemical mixing system – make Round 45 something unique in its market segment, ideal for effective cleaning results in every kind of floor/environment.


  FR 15 E38FR 30 E 45ROUND 45 E 55 TOUCH
Cleaning Widthmm385430530
Squeegee Widthmm450650750
Max Productivity, Theoreticalmsqr/h154017202120
Power SupplyCable 230V-50 HzCable 230V-50 HzCable 230V-50 Hz
Installed Powerw6208501360
Diameter - Pad x Nomm-inch x nr385 - 15” x 1430 - 17” x 1530 - 21” x 1
Motor Rating x Nowxnr370 x 1450 x 1750 x 1
Motor Speedrpm150140170
Down Presssure - Contact PressureKg-g/cm sqr21 - 26,721 - 20,329 - 18,8 ; 34 - 22
Motor Ratingwnilnilnil
Driving Speedkm/hnil44
Hill Climbing Ability%222
Motor Ratingw250400600
Vacuummbar/mm H₂O68/70011891250
Noise LeveldB(A)656463
Airflow Ratingl/s282830
Power Supply Cablem1525
Dimensionsmm855 x 430 x 11601210x560x10201210 x 560 x1040
TypeDouble TankDouble TankDouble Tank
Cleaning Solutionl153045
Recovery Tankl173347
Weight (empty/with batteries)kg407191.5


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