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DWS System for Conveyable Objects


For courier, express, and parcel services, speed and reliability are essential to ensuring customer satisfaction. VITRONIC offers its Dimensioning, Weighing, Scanning (DWS) systems, an end-to-end solution for capturing and processing shipment data for cuboidal and odd shape items in motion.

Conveyable items are captured by integrated, fully automatic DWS systems. The volumes of the packages are captured and they are weighed as they pass through the DWS systems. At the same time, the line scan cameras produce gray value images of the package surfaces and read the codes and characters (OCR) printed on them.

  • Weighing, dimensioning & scanning in motion.
  • For both cuboidal and odd shape items.
  • Captures dimensions, weight, barcode and image.
  • Automatically prints label with all the information.
  • Can be integrated with ERP/WMS & sorters.


Fully automatic DWS systems integrated into the conveyor system enable highly efficient material flow processes and play an important role in optimizing throughput times and process quality. The packages on the conveyor belt move through the DWS tunnel, where their volume is measured by the system. An integrated scales determines the weight. In parallel to this process, the line scan cameras produce high-resolution gray value images of the package surfaces and read the barcodes, 2D codes and characters (OCR) printed on them.

The system reads different code types in one run and also captures very small and damaged codes as well as codes under foil. The information is evaluated and made available for other applications. Maximum read rates are achieved fully automatically and at transport speeds of up to 4.5 m/s. Any deformations or areas of unevenness are also detected and registered. These are recorded in an image and act as evidence in the event of complaints or insurance claims.

Even as the parcels are moving through the DWS station, the data is forwarded to the conveyor system control unit, connected inventory control systems and the warehouse management software or higher-level ERP and SAP solutions.

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