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Heavy Duty Counter Balance Stacker ND-CBES-C Series

Model : ND-CBES-1530C-D | ND-CBES-1540-C-FT | ND-CBES-1545C-FT

Nido counter balance electric stacker with 1000, 1500 & 2000 with maximum lifting height of 4.5 mtr suitable for various conditions use. Three point frame structure & standard equipped with Ac & EPS system.

  • Capacity: 1000, 1500, & 2000 kgs
  • Lifting Height: Up to 4.5 mtrs
  • Battery: 24V 210Ah
  • Fork Length: 1070 mm
  • Overall Fork Width – 200-900 mm

  • Three point frame structure, simple & reliable
  • Detachable design
  • Higher accuracy & better hardness
  • Easier maintenance
  • Full steel cover protection to the core parts
  • Detachable design, higher accuracy and better hardness
  • Better vision for operator


  • Better vision for an operator with innovative design on relocating the third stage mast roller.
  • Special design on the cylinder, auto-buffering to piston rods while falling. Better protection to the pallet load.
  • Size reduced cover plate, easier maintenance.
  • Full steel cover for protection from scrapes, providing safety to the core parts.
  • Wider rider platform, spring lock absorber, more space of standing.
  • Side slidable battery box



Model ND-CBES-1236C-DND-CBES-1536C-DND-CBSE-1545C-FT
Mast TypeDuplexDuplexTriplex
Mast profileC or H ModelC or H ModelC Model
Type of driveFull ElectricFull ElectricFull Electric
Operator typeRiderRiderRider
Load centermm600600600
Wheel basemm117012701270
Electric power steering(EPS)Standard EquippedStandard EquippedStandard Equipped
Service weight without batterykg152016201825
Service weight with batterykg173019302035
wheel typePUPUPU
Size of front wheelsmm¢ 210¢ 210¢ 210
Size of drive wheelsmm¢ 230¢ 230¢ 230
Wheels quantitypcs1/21/21/2
Mast lower heightmm205523052045
Overall length (with platform)mm314032403240
Rear body widthmm850850850
Height of tilter arm in drive position min./max.mm1030-12001030-12001030-1200
Rear body heightmm860860860
Mast extend heightmm392544255460
Lifting heightmm360036004500
Fork lengthmm107010701070
Overall fork widthmm200~900200~900200~900
Min.Turning radiusmm143015301530
Lowered height of forkmm707070
Fork thicknessmm353535
Fork widthmm100100100
Freelift heightmm--1462
Fork tilting degree (forward/backward)°2/52/52/5
Aisle width (800*1200mm pallet): horizontal/verticalmm309031903190
Aisle width (1000*1200mm pallet): horizontal/verticalmm312032203220
Travel speed, Laden/Unladenkm/h5/5.35/5.35/5.3
Lift speedmm/s108/147108/147108/147
lower speedmm/s145/80145/80145/80
Drive motorkw1.51.51.5
Lift motorkw333
Battery voltage/capacityV/Ah24V 210Ah24V 210Ah24V 210Ah
Battery weightkg210210210
battery sizemm790*210*576790*210*576790*210*576
Brake typeElectronagneticElectronagneticElectronagnetic
control system1230-2402 (Curtis)1230-2402 (Curtis)1230-2402 (Curtis)


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