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Commercial Walk Behind Scrubber Drier

ModelND-ICE-SD17 | ND-ICE-SD20

Nido economy walk behind scrubber dryer is a high efficiency machine combined with scrubbing, washing, sucking and drying function.

  • Brush diameter: 430 – 510 mm
  • Squeegee width: 700 – 800 mm
  • Solution tank: 40 – 55 ltrs
  • Recovery tank: 45 – 60 ltrs
  • Theoretical performance: 1500 – 1800 sq.mtrs/hr
  • Brush speed: 180 rpm

  • Can detach the dirty things from floor quickly and bring them away from the working place.
  • Make your floor surface clean at once, and no need to close the channel, in this way, your operation will not affect others;
  • Just one operator can clean around 1000-2000 square meter each hour, and no working time limit.
  • Adopts capacitor start motor as brush motor, with this motor you can work all the time, no need to replace the carbon brush like the traditional floor scrubber, which will reduce your after-sale service cost a lot.
  • Adopt big mouth of recovery tank design, with all advantages of 20 in. battery type floor scrubber.



A Recovery tank
B Solution tank
C Brush system
D Squeegee system
E Power and control system



  ND-ICE-SD17ND-ICE-SD20 (Available in AC & DC)
Brush Diamm430 (17 in)510 (20 in)
Squeegee Widthmm700800
Solution Tankl4055
Recovery Tankl4560
Brush Driving Modemetal gear reducemetal gear reduce
Brush Speedrpm180180
Brush Motorw750750
Suction Motorw600600
Traction Motorw--
Driving SystemBrush assistedBrush assisted
Driving Speedkm/h--
Installed Power220V/230V220V/230V
BatteryV Ah-AC/DC
Additional Pressure for Brushyesyes
One key control--
Dirty water level sensoryesyes
Driving Speed Adjustyesyes
Solution Level Checking Hoseyesyes
Electro Magnetic Valve Deviceoptionaloptional
On board charger--


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