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3 Wheel Battery Forklift

Model: ND-FB3-1545J

The Nido 3 wheel battery forklift specially made for warehouse, not for outsise tasks. Electric power steering system makes the forklift very easy to drive. It will make your warehouse works much more effective. This forklift is of compact structure, imtelluctulized configuration & user friendly operation design meet all customer needs. It provides users with good experience, also shows its elegant style with streamlines shape & smart body.

  • Capacity: upto 1500 kg
  • Lifting Height: upto 4500 mm
  • Load Centre: 500
  • Tyres: PU

  • The whole series is equipped with Electric Power Steering System(EPS) to make the control of handle easy & comfortable, which greatly reduces the operator’s labor intensity. By turning easily at low speed & stably at high speed, EPS makes turning more intelligent & control more precise.
  •  With the advanced vertical AC drive system, the motor can get more energy & greater braking torque to make it more powerful, better in acceleration & grade ability, which ensures the forklift to run smoothly on uneven road & shape.
  • Variable wheelbase design. Move the front excel to convert the length of the wheelbase. When extended, the whole vehicle becomes longer & provides the safer loading, superior traction & smoother driving when retracted, the whole vehicle becomes shorter which makes it more convenient to work in narrow places.
  • Handbrake & handle are set on the right side, Which meets the ergonomic principles. It reduces the operator’s labor intensity & improves the operation comfort.
  •  Side -pull batteries. It makes the replacement more quickly and easily, ensures the continuous operation, & greatly improves efficiency
  • Full free lifting is optional. It allows the stacker to work in containers or other working places with limited height.





Model ND-FB3-1545J
Manner of OperationRider
Load CapacityKG1500
The Max Liffting (height)mmMM1500
Service weight (kg)KG1950
Load Center Distance(mm)MM500
Distance between fort backrest & front wheelMM158
Wheel baseMM1090
Front wheel size, number305*127 , 2
Driving wheel size, number250*127, 1
The width between front wheelsMM783
Lifting heightMM4500
Free lifting heightMM100
Lowered mast heightMM1995
Extended mast heightMM3950
Mask/Fork carriage tilt forward/backward02/5
Overhead load guard (cab) heightMM1980
seat heightMM960
Overall lengthMM2590
Overall widthMM917
Fork size, thickness/width/lengthMM35/100/1070
Fork adjustable widthMM220-606
Ground clearence under mastMM90
Ground cleanrence center of wheelbaseMM128
Aisle width for pallets 1000*1200 crosswaysMM2893
Aisle width for pallets 800*1200 lengthwaysMM3005
Turning radiusMM1348
Max. gradient performance laden/unladen%6/10
The max driving speed laden/unladenKm/h6.2/7.2
Lift speed laden/unladenMM/S100/140
Lowering speed laden/unladenMM/S136/120
Driving motor24v/2.5kw
Lifting motor24v/3.0kw
Steering motor24v/0.2kw
Battery voltage24v/400Ah
Working time of fully charged batteries(h)5
Battery dimensionsMM645/292/570


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