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Long Motor Corporation: Capturing Cube Data to Reduce Shipping Errors

Long Motor Corporation®—Looking to Strengthen Shipping Goals

Long motor corp processThe Long Motor Corporation has provided its customers with quality automotive parts and accessories for over 30 years. Long Motor offers exceptional customer service and a large inventory of high-quality parts. In 1993, Long Motor entered the American truck restoration market and founded LMC Truck. The Long Motor Corporation is proud of their role in helping keep automobiles on the road. Located in Lenexa, Kansas, the Long Motor Corporation manages about 40,000 SKUs across two distribution centers. They ship approximately 65,000 boxes per month and publish over 33 catalogs. With so much to handle, Long Motor needed a way to streamline their shipping process.

Managing Inaccurate Measurements Introduced Many Obstacles

These days, shipping is more about dimensions and less about weight. Long Motor needed to collect dimension data on all of their many products. Without accurate dimension data, shipping rates could not be estimated or anticipated. Long Motor wanted a way to reduce unneeded and wasteful shipping errors. Their distribution centers also needed a better stocking system that could consolidate their operations. It became clear that a dimensioning device could help Long Motor overcome many of their obstacles.

Cubing Device to Reduce Shipping Failures

The Long Motor Corporation chose the CubiScan® 125. With this cubing device, Long Motor was able to collect precise weights and measurements of the parts they stock and ship. Jim Hinz, Inventory Control Manager at the Long Motor Corporation, said, “We brought in a CubiScan to get better estimates on rates that are based on size and weight. We expect that the CubiScan will also help reduce shipping errors”. Dimensions are easy to collect with a mobile measuring device. Gathering dimension data on the receiving side began to save Long Motor money on the shipping side. Once the data was collected, Long Motor used CubiScan software called Qbit-DB to collect, organize, and transfer the data to their shipping and manifesting system. Once the dimensional data is obtained, it can be utilized in many capacities. Detailed and accurate dimension and weight data will help Long Motor estimate shipping rates, create shipping manifests, and implement a stocking system based on product size.

cubiscan 125

CubiScan 125—Maximizing Shipping Profits

The CubiScan 125 combines powerful sensing technologies to create a flexible and economical solution for today’s most demanding cubing and weighing applications. Using infrared and ultrasound technologies, the CubiScan 125 can measure boxes and irregular objects. The CubiScan 125 is capable of measuring irregular objects with an accuracy of 0.05 inches and boxes with an accuracy of 0.1 inches. The versatility of the CubiScan 125 offers flexibility and extreme precision. Let the CubiScan 125 help you discover your cubic data.

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